Marc Harrington

EMR Salisbury Branch Operations Manager


Marc is the Operations Manager for EMR’s Salisbury, MD, branch. After over 14 years with the company, Marc’s 2018 promotion took him from a successful run as a dispatcher to overseeing and operation the Salisbury branch. With expertise and a long career in customer relations and employee management, Marc has held past positions both at EMR and elsewhere within parts departments, dispatch, and supervisory roles, where he led large teams to success. Marc currently manages a team of 12.


“To work at EMR means FAMILY. As a family, we build relationships with customers through the repairs of their equipment so they can be successful. If they are successful we are successful.”


When asked why Marc does what he does, he simply responded with “I enjoy the interaction with people, on the phone, with technicians in person, and beyond. My new role as operations manager gives me a new and valued perspective on the inner workings of the company. I am excited to have more and more insights into the back-end of the business and our industry. It’s been very eye opening in a positive way so far.”



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