EMR Business Intelligence Manager

Sarah is EMR’s Business Intelligence Manager. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, and a concentration in Finance, from the University of Baltimore in 2010. Hired in 2016 for this unique position at EMR, Sarah brings a wealth of knowledge on the reporting and analytics front for the management team to make informed business decisions. With her traditional business education, coupled with years at a large tech company, she is able to bring big thinking and big business perspective to EMR’s operation.


After six years with tech company, Oracle, an operation of 137,000 employees, Sarah advanced from a tech support function ultimately landing an implementation specialist position, before searching for more.


I wanted to get out of reactionary work, to not only use my degree more, but be in the position to create instead of fix. 


While Sarah’s position is housed within the accounting department, she supports all business units within EMR’s operation. From parts and service to marketing and sales, and everything in between, Sarah’s relationship with complex business intelligence platforms and programming languages, gives EMR a unique data-driven window into the inner workings of the business.


“I think it’s fun to be at this level of business where the rubber meets the road. I get to be part of these decisions, see them taking place. The experience I’m getting here is invaluable. I love it.”


Beyond her education and professional work experience, Sarah has completed courses abroad in Shanghai and Beijing as well as taken personal expeditions, most notably to a very remote village in Sumatra.  She has completed the Dale Carnegie Leadership Training program (2017), winning an Innovation Award, and has received leadership and management coaching through Sandler Training (2018, 2019).


Sarah lives in Baltimore, where she resides with her husband and daughter. She enjoys live music and travel.


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